Like An Old Friend

Click the picture in the slideshow to be taken to the page topic or click on one of the pictures below to be taken to the related website to learn more about ourselves and our community.  Music can be paused on the player to the right of the screen.  Below is a video of our local cable commercial.  Enjoy!  Contact us directly with questions or follow our Facebook page for weekly updates and specials.

Commemorative Ornament

Commemorative Ornament Supporting Revitalization Efforts


Town Government & Services

Our Downtown Revitalization Partner

Blackstone, Virginia, turns 125!

Information Regarding Our Town’s Birthday




More To Come About Our History

More To Come About Our History

A family-owned furniture store in Blackstone, Virginia, specializing in high-quality furniture and luxurious bedding.  

Like an old friend . . . 





112 North Main Street * Blackstone, VA 23824

(434) 292-3330 /

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