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Through the years, we’ve made mattresses for all kinds of people and all kinds of reasons. We’ve made special mattresses for movies such as Hannibal, Scream 2 and Hearts of Atlantis. We’ve made them for celebrities, too, including Dickie Smothers, Patricia Kluge and Senator George Allen. We also make special custom sized mattress and box spring sets for:

  • Antique beds. Beds made prior to the 1940’s were produced in an assortment of non-standard sizes. Custom Comfort custom produces high-end mattresses to fit these beds and even covers them in era-appropriate fabrics and recreates old-time mattress box springs.
  • Recreational boats and vehicles. Even multi-million dollar yachts can come with poor-quality mattresses. Custom Comfort makes custom products for mariners who want a mattress as luxurious as their boats.
  • Tractor-trailers. Comfort and quality are especially important in a tractor-trailer, where the bed doubles as the bedroom and living room. Custom Comfort makes mattresses according to the specifications and sleep preferences of the driver.
  • Athletes. For peak performance, a good night’s sleep is not an option. Some NBA players require extra-extra-long mattresses. Winn once custom made a mattress that was nine feet long – not for a basketball player, but for a jockey.






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